What are our Landlords and Tenants Saying About Us?

Landlord Testimonials

We have used Homefinders as our property manager for almost 15 years.  Before we were lucky enough to find Bo at Homefinders, we went through a number of property managers.  It took them weeks to rent our properties, they didn't handle evictions and there were a whole other slew of things that they couldn't handle.  We were very discouraged.   Homefinders is one stop shopping for rental property, selling your property and managing your property.  We feel that they are the best in their field!

Our properties have never been vacant for more than 2 weeks and Bo has sold our houses that he listed within days.  If there is a problem with the tenant, he immediately takes care of it without getting us involved.  Homefinders is the most professional and thorough company we have ever worked with.  They get the job done quickly, affordably and with a smile!  I would highly recommend Homefinders to anyone that is in the market to rent a property or list their property for rent or sale. - Lindy and Buddy C

An Easy Decision! Go with Bo! Bo has been our property manager for almost 10 years and he is absolutely wonderful!  He keeps our rental property in top-notch shape and rented to quality people.  He takes care of everything for us; all of the headaches and stress, from determining fair-market rental value to background checks to repairs.  He is a pleasure to deal with; honest, approachable, and intelligent.  The fee he receives is beyond worth it. - Laura Hooks

Homefinders Realty and Management has been my property management company since 2011.  I have known Bo Krauss for more than 20 years.  When I needed to put my house up for rent, and he came highly recommended by a mutual acquaintance to manage my property.

Mr. Krauss is very professional and experienced.  He knows what he is doing, and always is very proactive when it comes to dealing with any problems.    Regardless of the issue, big or small, he will notify me immediately, and present his plan to deal with the problem.  He has contacts in the local trades, and can arrange for repairs to be completed very quickly at reasonable rates.

When my HVAC system needed to be replaced, he got me the best deal.   When a tenant defaulted on the rent, he acted quickly, filing paperwork with the court, and getting me a new tenant as quickly as possible.   I did not have to do anything, he handled everything from end to end. 

Homefinders Realty and Management is truly a one stop shop for realty and property management needs.   I cannot recommend them highly enough! - William Nesmith

Being a military family and living out of state, we don't have to worry about our property. We have been with Bo for many years. The way he manages our property, we won't go with anyone else.  We know it is taken care of very well. We have always had someone in our property. Thank you Bo for being amazing! - Shannon Shanks

Bo Krauss has been my best rental agent for over 10 years and has always made sure my condo is always rented and takes good care of any repairs needed.  I would highly recommend him to sell or rent your home,  - Carolyn Stone

Homefinders has managed my rental property in Savannah for more than a decade. The attention to the problems that arise by the Manager, Mr. Krauss, has exceeded my expectations.  I receive rent payments each month. I appreciate his commitment to resolve problems in a manner of cooperation and concern for me AND to the renter of my property.  Homefinders has truly been an answer for me for many years. Thanks! Rachel Mosher

Awesome Property Manager

We have worked with Bo and his team at Home Finders for many, many years with all of our property management needs.  We have been very pleased with the professionalism, attitude and exceptional service we have received from them.  We never have to worry that things are being taken care of because Bo handles everything for us, from routine preventive maintenance to calling in professional help when services are needed for things like A/C or home repairs.  He has the contacts at many service and repair vendors so issues are addressed promptly.  Each month, we receive a statement, with copies of any invoices for any services that the property needed so that we are always kept in the loop on what is happening.  If we ever have questions, we just call to get answers. We have been so pleased with the excellent service from Bo and his team and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of property management services. - Kim Brown

Before I moved my rental property to Homefinders, I was with Century 21 Property Management Company. They were not concerned about renting my home, but they were more driven to sell the property for their benefit.  However, since I’ve been with Homefinders, Bo has been an amazing property manager by maintaining the upkeep of my home and making sure that the tenant’s needs are met. Also, he always ensures that all maintenance issues that have occurred are given first priority. Bo has been the best manager ever. - AC

Bo Krauss with Homefinders has managed by 9 rental properties for about 10 years.  Without Homefinders Realty professional services there is no way I could keep these properties.  They stay 95% full over the past 9 years.  I would  highly recommend Homefinders Realty and Management to anyone. - Les Harley

I am a property owner on Wilmington Island and decided to use Homefinders to manage my property after many bad experiences of trying to do it myself.  I’m pleased with Bo’s service and his ability to screen potential renters to make sure he finds a great tenant.  Thanks Bo. - Serrelle Richardson

Bo has been managing my property as long as I've owned it.   He's fantastic. My house has never not been rented, and all repairs and such are always taken care of.  Would recommend to anyone looking for a property manager. - Meredith Casey

Tenant Testimonials

Bo Krauss at Homefinder Realty is one of the best landlords I've ever experienced.  If you are looking for a clean and we'll kept home with a professional and genuinely caring landlord then Homefinder Realty should be your choice! I moved to Savannah for Grad School several years back and ended up in a nightmare. I quickly started searching for a decent home in a decent neighborhood and quickly came across a steal. When I first viewed the home I was amazed! The move in process was extremely easy and quick not like the headache of moving into an apartment complex.  Bo has gone above and beyond many times and I look forward to continuing doing business with Homefinders until we decide to buy. Thanks Bo and thank you Homefinder Realty! - Kandee S.

Homefinders Realty does an excellent job of making sure that everything is taken care of. I walked in to a clean apartment, with an incredible deal on my lease. They are very welcoming and easy to work with. Every question and concern I have is answered right away and they never make excuses for anything, they simply meet the need and serve their customers. I can not be more thankful for the relationships I have built with this fine company and would recommend this company to anyone that is seeking a great living experience. - Kyle G.

My husband and I have rented since we married almost eight years ago this year. We have had a multitude of experiences with landlords and by far, our experience with Bo has been the upmost enjoyable. He is extremely professional and helpful anytime that we have needed his services. Not only does he care about his tenants, but he is very attentive in the upkeep of the homes on behalf of the owners. We're extremely hopeful that once we are able to buy our own home soon that he will guide us in doing so. We highly recommend Bo should you want to rent a home, or should you be searching to acquire services to rent out your home. - Amber K.

We have been renting from Homefinders with Bo Krauss as our landlord for 4 years. Our experience has been nothing but enjoyable. Bo is very helpful when we need him. The few issues that we have had (general maintenance) were resolved quickly and efficiently. We would highly recommend Homefinders Realty and Bo Krauss for anyone looking to rent. - Maury W.

I have been a tenant of Bo Krauss for over 7 year and he really is an awesome landlord. If I have a problem with the house he makes sure the problem is fixed ASAP!! He really looks out for my daughter and I. He is very busy, but he always makes sure the house and maintenance are a top priority. Thanks Bo!! - Brianna S.

Bo Krauss is a very reasonable tenant manager. He responds to maintenance requests and is always available. I love Homefinders. - Rufus S.

Me and my husband have had a great experience with Mr. Bo and Homefinders. He always answers my calls or text questions. He has worked with us and we love our rental. - Margaret F.